You can’t spell STEAM without TEAM, and at Huntsville STEAM Works, teamwork is what we’re all about. Our team members are passionate, generous, and dedicated to our mission, and each bring talent, spirit, and goodwill to the community as we work to inspire more creators of all ages in our lab, schools, and the community at large.

Drew Carlton – Instructor

Drew is not only a STEAM Works instructor, but is also working hard to earn his degree in Elementary Education. He is a creative and talented teacher who has a special knack for game theory and storytelling. He’s taught a variety of classes, clubs, and camps through Huntsville STEAM Works, but as an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games, his real dream is to pass on the wonder and joy of gaming with the next generations of warriors, clerics, rogues, wizards, and bards! If you’re interested in having Drew run a roleplaying game at our lab for the young geeks in your life, please contact us!

Dr. Alisa Henrie – Instructor

Alisa is a versatile and friendly cook, poet, and mechanical engineer who loves sharing her knowledge at K-Tech, a Huntsville STEAM Works supported program through Kids to Love that connects people with the technical training they need to meet industry labor shortages. She is also a former college professor, may be available to teach on-site high school and college-level courses in the areas of mathematics, physical science, and engineering to interested and dedicated homeschool students.

Jennifer Johnson – Education Director

Jenn is an artist, designer, educator, and long-time volunteer for various area youth organizations. With versatile experience and education in art, curriculum writing, teaching, homeschooling, design, and geek culture, she guides our band of fearless instructors in bringing quality instruction to students both on-site and off-site. She enjoys pursuing a variety of interests with her husband Michael, has two teen daughters studying visual arts and music respectively at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, and lives with a bearded dragon named Smaug and an albino leopard gecko named Falkor.

Robyn Kralik – Operations Director

Robyn is the hub of Huntsville STEAM Works, and the person you’re most likely to meet if you drop by our lab for a visit or to drop off your child for one of our classes or camps, and the most likely voice you’ll hear if you call to ask about a class or to schedule a birthday party! She keeps everything running smoothly with the help of her loyal, fabulous, and ever-present canine companion Snickers. When she’s not in our lab, you might find her at Jolly Paws Pet Portraits, a studio also at Lowe Mill, where she applies her considerable art talent to creating fabulous pet portraits.

Karl Liggin – Senior Instructor

Karl is is one of our dynamic, friendly, talented, and versatile senior instructors. He is skilled in mathematics, music, game design, technical theater, and more. A former Space Camp counselor, Karl is our go-to guy for all things education, and you can always count on him to make experiences amazing for our young makers. He is also an enthusiastic reader, his favorite authors including Neil Gaiman and Patrick Rothfuss, and loves musical theater. We hope to bring more of his performance and theater talents to the table as we expand our camp and class offerings at Huntsville STEAM Works


Ari Loucks – Instructor

Ari is a talented industrial designer who loves sharing his knowledge with makers of all ages. He loves Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and has a very impressive collection of intricate homemade chain mail armor! He is a popular instructor who has taught graphic design, computer skills, robotics, design, and Redstone Minecraft, and more! He pursues a number of geeky maker-based interests with his wife Liz, and has an affectionate and adorable dog named Oreo.


Shawn Sykes – Instructor

Young makers love our kid-at-heart instructor Shawn, who leads some of our most fun classes and camps with gusto! Shawn is an enthusiastic, bright, friendly, and geeky maker who loves sharing her passions with our students. She is a avid cosplayer and enthusiastic digital artist, and is commonly seen front and center in hosting our fabulous maker birthday parties.  She boasts an awesome Furby collection, and hopes to bring her love of digital fan art and cosplay to the table as we look to expand our offerings at Huntsville STEAM Works.



Snickers is the official Huntsville STEAM Works mascot. Robyn thinks Snickers is her dog, but the rest of the team knows better. You’ll often see her tucking herself into her dog bed the operations desk. She’s always up for a little attention or a dog treat from one of the team members!



More team member bios coming soon!