Santa’s Lab

Santa’s Lab was devised in 2013 to make custom toys for deserving children in the greater Huntsville area.

In 2015 we used extra donated funds to teach STEAM classes to deserving children as well.

​Manufacturing and delivering toys to hundreds of boys and girls is a hectic and stressful process. Frankly it’s hard to imagine how the real Santa does it, although he has had centuries to refine his management processes.

We can divide the work into several areas.

They are:

  • Community Relations:
  • Working with various organizations and non-profits to identify children in
  • need and to work through these organizations to gather toy requests,
  • distribute toys, and arrange classes.
  • Soliciting funds to offset the cost of materials for toys. Historically this has been done by individual donations. In the future corporate sponsorship is desired.
  • Design
  • Developing the toy concepts for each year’s catalog.
  • Documenting the methods to construct the toys and generating the generic cut files for the toys.
  • Production
  • Generating the personalized files and then running them on the appropriate machines.
  • Assembly
  • Soliciting volunteers from the community to become assembly elves, to sit on the assembly line and finish and wrap toys.