New Prusa3D Printers at Huntsville STEAM Works!

As we’re ramping up progress for STEAM Works in the first floor of Lowe Mill, we’ve been really excited to play with all of the new toys that we have coming into our space.

A big part of our mission is to help out with prototyping and creations with tools like our 3D printers. We’ve added to our fleet of printers recently with these awesome new Prusa3D printers that we assembled in our new space with the help of some friends recently.

These Prusia I3 MK2S kits come ready for assembly, and we’ve been finding them to really get the job done! You can currently find these on display through the big window upstairs at Lowe Mill at MindGear Labs.

If using these new toys and the rest of our fleet of equipment is something you’re game for, give us a call about our upcoming STEAM Works memberships!  Our membership will give you access to a ton of great toys like this to create and invent to your heart’s content.

All levels require at least a three month commitment, and come with free safety classes!  For more information about getting your membership rolling at our launch, contact our team at MindGear Labs at (256)-705-GEAR.