April Update – What’s Happening at Huntsville STEAM Works?

Things are really gearing up at Lowe Mill, as we move closer to the opening of Huntsville STEAM Works in just a few short months!

If you’ve been around the North Wing of Lowe Mill lately, you may have noticed that there’s the beginnings of activity in the first floor where we’ll be located.  We’re moving towards having our space built out in short time, and we’re thrilled to show you the blueprints below of what the space will look like.

If you’d like to take a look at our space and take a look around at the type of thing that will be happening at Huntsville STEAM Works, we will be hosting Huntsville’s first Space Apps Challenge this coming weekend!  The Space Apps Challenge is a great “hackathon” in which NASA challenges enthusiasts to solve perplexing challenges in new and unexpected ways — from designing an interactive space glove to natural language processing to clean water mapping.

While there will be lots of hacking and great activity happening throughout the weekend, we invite everyone who would like to stop by to come at Noon on Saturday.

At that time, we’ll be hosting Monsi Roman, Centennial Challenges Program Manager, NASA.  Monsi Roman joined NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in 1989, where she worked for 16 years in the group that designed the water and air systems keeping the crew alive in the International Space Station and later managed the NASA team designing air systems needed to take the crew to Mars and beyond.  Currently Ms. Roman is the Project Manager for NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program.  She also leads the development of an in-flight microbial monitor that was tested in the ISS in early 2016.

After Monsi’s presentation, we’ll be giving short public tours of our space and will show everyone around to some of the great things that our participants in the Space Apps Challenge are working on.

For a reminder and for more information, RSVP on Facebook.  See you then!